To Become Fitness Coach in the USA

Don’t think that Americans are generally overweight and inactive. Many Americans spend a lot of time on self-development and try to always keep their bodies in shape. Some Americans play sports without going to gyms or consulting a coach in NYU fitness, but just jogging in the morning.

Americans begin to teach children to do sport from an early age. Almost all children attend some kind of sports section.

Coaches in various fields are in high demand in the United States.

The states have a large number of gyms. Fitness clubs usually have a wide variety of different group activities: step, zumba, yoga, Pilates, aerobics, kickboxing, boxing, bodybuilding, etc.

Fitness is developed throughout America, but especially in warm states, in Florida, California. The ocean and the presence of beaches are a good incentive to constantly work on your your body.

There are some peculiarities in the work of a fitness coach in the USA. Earnings depend on how popular the direction in which the coach works and on his professionalism. A trainer in the states can earn quite decent money, despite the fact that a higher education is not required to work as a trainer. A person who wants to work as a trainer needs to get a special certificate.

Certification is carried out by non-governmental organizations. A trainer’s certificate is not a guarantee of a high level of knowledge and readiness for work. Nevertheless, during the certification process, a person gets a large amount of information, gets acquainted with the latest research, studies the prescribed work standards. Organizing knowledge helps to assimilate more information in a shorter period of time. Insurance companies will not provide the coach with non-certified insurance.

Having a certificate does not mean that a trainer will have many clients at once.

Requirements for the work of a coach differ depending on the level of the gym (if the person is going to be employed) or the asking price (if the coach is planning to be self-employed). In order to get a job in a fitness club, you need to have a green card or work visa if you are a foreigner.

To work as a coach, you need to be fluent in English. Because you will have to constantly explain to customers what and how they should act. The emphasis can make it difficult for clients to understand the coach, therefore, fewer people will go to such a coach and his activities will not be popular.

You need to be not only a good specialist, but also a good psychologist. The easiest way to find clients is in large cities or wealthy suburbs. A good coach is usually recommended to acquaintances and friends, so there are no problems with work.

The coach must have a good complection, because no one wants to work with a person who cannot get his own body in shape. In addition, the coach must have charisma, be sociable and benevolent, but at the same time have a strong character, endurance and patience.

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